What Are Some Examples of Workers Compensation Cases?


What Are Some Examples of Workers Compensation Cases?

Workers compensation cases are very important. Any time an employee exercises their right under workers compensation laws, it’s important to pay attention to what happens. Most people are aware of workers compensation, but many people aren’t really sure how it works and how important these cases are. How workers compensation cases are decided often sets president for how future cases will be handled. There are many types of workers compensation cases. Here are just a few examples.


Overexertion is one of the most common forms of workers compensation cases. These cases involve employer who forces their employee to work too much. This could be a truck driver who is forced to drive longer hours than is legally acceptable. It could also mean that a factory worker is forcing their employees to pull 16 hour days seven days a week. It could even be asking someone to lift an object that is far too heavy. Any time you are forced to overexert physically or mentally at a job and it causes you strain, pain, health issues, or injury, you have a workers compensation case for overexertion.

Sips and Falls

Slip-and-fall cases are also common. As the name indicates, these cases involve employees who slip and fall at work because of a dangerous situation. What are there was a spill that wasn’t cleaned up in a timely manner, a leak that wasn’t taken care of, or some other condition that the property owner should have known about and didn’t handle, a slip-and-fall case is likely possible.

Struck By an Object

Some workers compensation cases come about because an employee was struck by an object. This could be a beam that wasn’t securely fastened and fell and hit the employee on the head or it could just be a ceiling fan that wasn’t securely in place. Even if it’s something simple that might seem not to pose a big threat, like a ceiling tile, any time a worker struck by an object they typically have a right to file a workers compensation claim.

Machinery Accidents

Most machinery is inherently dangerous to a certain point. Machinery accidents happen more frequently than you might think, and those injuries are typically covered under workers compensation laws. If you’re working around machinery that wasn’t properly kept up, that hasn’t been serviced as it should be, or if you were forced to act around machinery in a way that puts you in danger and resulted in an injury, you probably have a workers compensation case. However, even routine machinery accidents can be grounds for workers compensation cases. Being asked to utilize machinery for which you haven’t received adequate training is also a workers compensation claim that would fall under machinery accidents.


Simple falls can also be considered under workers compensation laws. These falls could be the result of something like a loose beam, a step that wasn’t marked, a dangerous situation that wasn’t pointed out by adequate signage, or some other incident. Any time an employee is injured because they fall at work and they did not contribute to the accident or do something irresponsible to cause the fall, a workers compensation case is likely going to arise.

Workers compensation cases are very important, and it’s important for you to consult with legal professionals any time you feel that you might have a workers compensation case against your employer. Most employers will try to convince you to go through arbitration and leave the courts out of it. However, this can sometimes leave you with fewer benefits and a less satisfying outcome then you might have been able to get by having an experienced workers compensation attorney by your side. If you think you have a workers compensation case, get a consultation today and take the first step down the road of protecting your freedom and your future.


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