What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Tax Attorney?


What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Tax Attorney?

Taxes. The only inevitable thing in life aside from death itself. Taxes certainly aren’t fun, and getting in trouble because of tax issues is an even worse day. Most people choose to do their taxes alone or by going to one of the many popular tax offices that exist. Very few choose to hire attorneys. However, hiring a tax attorney isn’t just for the super rich or for corporations. There are two main ways a tax attorney can help you. One is by helping you plan, and the other is by helping you defend yourself and your assets against IRS audits, accusations, or IRS agent misconduct.

Tax Planning

Tax attorneys can advise you about tax advantages you may have that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. This can include aspects of estate planning, business endeavors, real estate activities, or other areas of the tax code. A tax attorney can also help you find and take advantage of every tax deduction that is legally available to you, helping you minimize tax liability. Also, tax attorneys can help you avoid common filing mistakes that may alert the IRS and inspire them to audit you.

Audit Defense

If you’re being audited or you think you might be, a tax attorney can act as an expert advocate to ensure the legality of the audit. They can also defend you against unlawful IRS agent conduct and help you sort out your next steps. They can also advocate for you in court, if necessary, and take care of the audit before it comes down to an invasive and embarrassing search. These are just a few of the ways a tax attorney can help defend you against an audit and protect your property and reputation.

Defense Against Tax-related Charges

Tax fraud and tax evasion are both serious crimes. They’re not treated as an unintentional error or mistake. Instead, they are prosecuted as serious crimes that can land you in jail for up to five years. You could lose your business, be forced to liquidate assets, and more. If you’ve been charged with either of these crimes or you’ve been threatened with those charges, hire a tax attorney immediately. A tax attorney can help advocate for you and prepare the best defense possible.

Taxes aren’t fun, but it’s important to protect yourself. Any time you’re dealing with finances, especially when the IRS is involved, it’s important to make sure you have the law behind you. Regardless of your situation, consulting with a qualified tax attorney in your state could be the difference between protecting your rights or finding yourself at the wrong end of an IRS audit. Get a consultation today and take the first step to protecting your property, your freedom, and your future.


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