What Are the Penalties For a DUI in North Carolina?


What Are the Penalties For a DUI in North Carolina?

Getting a DUI is never a trivial thing, no matter which state you live in. The penalties for a DUI in North Carolina range from minor fines to serious jail time, hefty fines, and other penalties added on. Every state is different, and you should hire a DUI attorney in North Carolina to make sure you’re presenting your best defense based on the circumstances of your case. That being said, here are some penalties you could be facing.


These fines can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. How much you pay largely depends on how severe the DUI was and what kinds of circumstances surrounded the DUI, including whether or not injuries occurred and how much alcohol was in your system. Felony DUIs are more expensive than misdemeanors. Your record comes into play, too, since repeat offenders often pay higher fines than first-time offenders.

Jail Time

Usually, you’ll be spending your jail time in county jail. Typically, state prison is reserved for felony DUIs. If injuries are involved, though, a misdemeanor could send you to state prison but you’ll usually just obtain a longer sentence. You could be there for several days or several years. Your North Carolina DUI attorney will be able to tell you what specific penalties you’re facing.

License Suspension

License suspension is another commonly used penalty for those who drink and drive in North Carolina. You could be facing a license suspension of a couple of months or several years. You might be able to obtain a restricted license that allows you to drive to certain places, like work and school, but sometimes you have to serve a certain amount of your suspension before you can apply for a restricted license. Ask your attorney if you’re eligible for a restricted license as opposed to a full license suspension. You might have to agree to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in order to be granted a restricted license, but it would be worth it to have some of your driving privileges back.


Any time injuries are involved in a DUI you’ll likely be asked to pay restitution. In other words, it’s up to you to pay for damages that your actions caused others. Sometimes partial restitution is accepted, but it’s more common for the courts to ask you to pay full restitution. There may be some exceptions to this based on the specifics of your case, so be sure to consult with your North Carolina DUI attorney for the most accurate information.

It’s never worth it to try to best the legal system on your own. The legal system is intentionally complex and confusing to the average person. That’s why law school exists. Instead of fighting it on your own, consult with an experienced and qualified North Carolina DUI attorney so you have professional legal representation on your side as you go to fight for your rights. Get a consultation today and take the first step down the road of protecting your freedom and your future.


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