Woman Files Lawsuit Over Abuse By Former Priest


The Stockton Diocese is being sued by a woman who claims to have been abused by a former priest in the 1970s. The forty three year old woman claims that former priest, Oliver O’Grady, sexually abused her when she was attending St Anne’s School. The woman’s name has not yet been disclosed.

According to an attorney for the plaintiff the woman was punished whilst she was at St Anne’s school, and the former priest used to find her with the guise of trying to soothe her. The attorney stated that he would sit the girl on his lap, and this led to the abuse that she is said to have suffered. The lawsuit claims that the abuse went on until she reached fifth grade.

The lawsuit has been filed in Joaquin County Superior Court but has not yet been served. According to officials the plaintiff will have to be interviewed be a mental health practitioner to ensure that there is a basis for the lawsuit before this can be done.

The priest in question has already cost the diocese millions of dollars in payouts after admitting to abusing at least twenty five children and having a number of lawsuits filed against him. Other lawsuits against the priest are still pending.


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