Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Police Officer

A lawsuit for wrongful death has been filed against an Indianapolis police officer following the death of two people in a high speed car chase that occurred in 2005. The 110 mph chase involved the officer chasing a car belonging to 22 year old Leonard Moss Jr., who was on a blind date at the time of the chase.

The officer that is being sued has been at the center of lawsuits before, and was involved in a wrongful death lawsuit that was settled last year. An addition to suing the officer, the parents of Kelly Baker, who was killed along with Moss during the chase, are suing Moss’s estate.

The chase occurred after Moss was pulled over for speeding and was asked to step out of the vehicle. Although he looked as though he was going to do so, he then decided to get back into the car and drive off at high speed with the officer hot on his heels.

The incident occurred on August 3rd 2005. The lawsuit also names the city of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Police Department, alleging that there are no safety policies in place in relation to high speed chases. Ms. Baker was 19 years old when she was killed.

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