State Attorney General at Centre of Lawsuit


The State Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, has found himself at the centre of a lawsuit that has been filed by eight state troopers. The lawsuit claims that the Attorney General’s office is not properly able to protect whistleblowers when it comes to cases against the government because it also has to protect the defendants in such cases.
The lawsuit was filed just before Christmas at the United States District Court in New Haven. It claims that Blumenthal was not able to stop the harassment and persecution that whistleblowers faced in such instances, referring to retaliation that was faced with troopers came forward and gave information in a 2006 case that was aimed at proving corruption amongst state police.

A lawyer representing the plaintiffs said: “Statutorily, the attorney general’s office is placed in an untenable position to investigate whistleblower complaints and to represent those individuals they believe are retaliating against them. The Connecticut State Police cases illustrate this.”

Blumenthal stated: “With all due respect, the lawsuit is an act of frustration. But the lawsuit cannot accomplish legislative change, and the lawsuit is factually and legally baseless.”


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