Parents Can Continue With Lawsuit Over The Death Of Their Son


A judge has given the go ahead for the parents of a man that was killed in a shooting to continue with their lawsuit against the Vermont State Police. Their son, forty year old Joseph Fortunati, was killed in a shooting when he was shot several times by police in 2006.

According to some reports the Vermont State Police officers were justified in shooting the man. The reports claim that Joseph was pointing a gun at troopers when the incident occurred, and this is why police officers ended up firing at him.

However, the family of Fortunati claims that this was not the case and that he was not threatening police officers when he was shot and killed. In fact, the family of the deceased man claims that he was actually trying to drop his weapon at the time when the police officers opened fire.

A federal judge decided last week that the family would be granted permission to continue with the lawsuit against the police, as he stated that there was not enough evidence to show that officers acted reasonably in the shooting of the man.


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