Crime Overview Prostitution

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It is estimated that more than one million Americans have worked as prostitutes over the last several decades. It is also estimated that 70% of all prostitute arrests are women, 20% of all prostitute arrests are men, and 10% of all prostitute arrests are the customers. Depending on the state you live in, and whether or not you live in a suburban area or an urban area, punishments for prostitution can range from a few hundred dollars in fines to jail time.

Prostitution is the act of requesting money in exchange for sex or any type of sex act. It is sometimes seen as a victimless or consensual crime because no one involved in the crime is there by force or coercion. In most countries, prostitution is legal for that reason. It is generally believed in these countries that the transaction takes place between two consenting adults and there is no harm involved.

The notion that no one is harmed within the realm of prostitution is a misleading one. Prostitutes are often subjected to physical violence, verbal abuse and rape at the hands of their pimps and clients. No matter the circumstances that led a woman to prostitution, it is very difficult to get out of. The women are often threatened, or influenced with drugs and alcohol to be kept under control by their pimps or owners. Prostitutes who are seen as old, used-up, or those who have contracted an illness are those who are able to leave prostitution without fear of repercussion.

Prostitutes can sometimes be the targets of people who may consider them easy to attack, or by religious fanatics who consider murder a just punishment for the people in this profession. The fact that most services take place in areas where there is very little chance for interruption or police intervention makes the prostitute more susceptible to violent attacks. The criminal status of this profession also makes it very unlikely that authorities would search for a prostitute if she were to disappear suddenly.

There are many different forms of prostitution, some being more dangerous than others.
Street: Clients are approached in public places, and the services are provided in vehicles, alleyways, or motels.
Brothel: Clients visit an establishment that is specifically dedicated to providing sexual activity.
Escort service: Clients contact sex workers over telephone, it is the most low-key form of prostitution.
Club: Clients are approached in venues where alcohol is served.

Child prostitution is also another form of this crime. It refers to anyone under the age of 18 who is having sexual intercourse for money. Usually child prostitution is the practice by which a child is used by an intermediary, to perform sexual activities on others for payment. Children in dire situations, or who have been previously sexually abused, are often targeted for this crime. Adults approach them with the lure of security, shelter and food. Child prostitution can be an organized business, whether on a small scale, run by a local pimp, or on a larger scale being run by a large criminal network. The abduction and trafficking of children is often connected to child prostitution as well as to child sex tourism.

The term human trafficking is often used in conjunction with prostitution. Human trafficking is the business of transporting people, both legal and illegal for the purpose of slavery, prostitution, forced labor and other forms of servitude. Human trafficking differs from smuggling because individuals being smuggled often seek a smuggler's services, and they are released afterward. Traffickers use deception or abduction to enslave their victims and take away all of their human rights. Women who are abducted by these traffickers are often forced to work in brothels, or in prostitution rings, against their will.

If you have been accused of prostitution or soliciting a prostitute, whether you are guilty or not, you will need to hire a criminal lawyer or attorney to help you with your case.

A good criminal attorney will be have experience arguing prostitution cases, as well as extensive knowledge of the applicable laws of the state in which the crime took place. A criminal lawyer will evaluate your case carefully, looking at all the potential evidence and witnesses. They will also be able to determine whether or not you might be a good candidate for a plea deal, or argue to get your bail amount reduced. They will file all necessary pretrial motions, and they will argue your case in front of a jury should your case go to trial.

If you are suing a convicted prostitute for damages resulting from a crime, you will need to hire a civil lawyer or attorney. Even if the person was not convicted and you feel they should have been, and you want to sue them for damages, you should hire a civil lawyer or attorney.

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