How To Choose A Criminal Defense Lawyer

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When a person is accused of committing a crime, whether they are guilty or not, it is imperative that they seek the correct representation. They may be facing serious consequences such as hefty fines, jail time, probation, a tainted record, and much more. There are several factors to consider when choosing a criminal defense attorney. Considering these factors before making a final decision may increase the chances that the case will result in a dismissal, that the defendant will be able to achieve a satisfactory plea deal, or that the trial will result in a 'not guilty' verdict.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a criminal defense attorney is his or her prior experience. Understand all facts before determining if they are experienced enough for your case. An experienced attorney can better serve their clients. Also, their results will often be better than those of an inexperienced criminal attorney.

While experience is an important factor to consider when choosing a defense attorney, it is wise to consider the attorney's related experience as well. Related experience can simply be looked at by inquiring about the attorney's previous related cases. It may be wise to ask the attorney how many related cases he or she has handled in the past year. Lawyers are experts in different fields of crime. For example, an expert in murder cases will not be the help you need for a DUI case. Just because a lawyer has 20 years of experience, does not mean that they will be better equipped to handle your case. Only choose attorneys who practices criminal law exclusively.

Often times a person will come across two or more attorneys who seem to have the same amount of related experience. In other words, the attorneys' 'track records' will not vary greatly. In this situation, it may be important to consider their costs and fees.

Any lawyer guaranteeing you a result before your case has even been evaluated is not someone you should choose. The reality of it is, no one knows the result of your case, because a jury and a judge will be the determinant. The best your attorney can do is to be honest when reviewing your case and see if they are able to properly represent you.

When choosing a lawyer you have the right to have an answer to all of your questions. Your criminal lawyer should be able to clearly explain the criminal charges against you, what they entail, what your legal rights are, what the prosecution has to prove, how the evidence can be used against you in court and, lastly but perhaps most importantly, the possible consequences you may face.

In a less serious criminal case, the costs and fees may be of great importance. Many attorneys can achieve the same results in a case that involves minor violations or crimes. In this situation, the suspect can save money on an attorney that charges lower fees, yet provides desired results. An example of this may involve a minor misdemeanor charge. With many attorneys to choose from, it may be wise to go with the one that offers their services to their clients for the best price. However, it is important to note that some states regulate attorney fees depending on the charge.

In more serious cases, attorney charges may be of little to no importance. For example, if a person is facing a charge that could possibly result in life in prison, the suspect will most likely do whatever it takes to avoid conviction or receive a less severe sentence. Highly trained and experienced attorneys may charge much higher prices for their services, however their top quality service may be what it takes to ensure that the suspect will have a more hopeful future.