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If you have been accused of a crime, whether or not you are guilty, you will need the assistance of an Idaho criminal lawyer attorney. A criminal attorney provides legal representation to individuals facing criminal charges and helps ensure that they receive a fair trial. A criminal defense lawyer has a different mission in the legal system compared to lawyers in other legal proceedings. An expert defense counsel will help analyze the options available to the defendant including filing and pursuing a plea in court if there is a benefit to be derived for the client.

A 'crime' is any act, or the omission of any act, which is in violation of a public law forbidding or commanding that act. In other words, a crime can be something which you do such as stealing or something that you don't do such as filing taxes. Criminal laws vary significantly from state to state. Crimes may be classified as felonies or misdemeanors depending on the gravity of the deed. Misdemeanors and felonies are treated very differently in terms of sentencing. One of the definitions of a felony crime is that it is punishable by no less than one year's incarceration, and in a federal or state prison. Misdemeanors, on the other hand, are generally not punished by incarceration, but by a fine or community service or probation, or some combination thereof. For repeat offenders, however, confinement of less than one year's time in a local or county jail might be recommended.

A qualified Idaho criminal lawyer attorney may represent an accused in court, but it is important to realize that the determination of the defendant's guilt or innocence is not the lawyer's call. Law enforcement officers, however, have the obligation to convict the guilty and ensure that an innocent party does not receive an unfair punishment. They are dedicated to bringing out the facts surrounding the case and make certain that the trial helps ascertain the accurate details of the alleged crime. However, this is not the duty of the defense counsel. While a criminal defense attorney must prevent conviction of the innocent, he/she is also equally obligated to defend a client whether the defendant is innocent or guilty.

Without doubt there are some limits that the defense counsel must observe. This means that while the criminal lawyer is entitled to cross-examine a prosecution witness and impeach him even in the event of his telling the truth, the lawyer can also tear down the witness's story should there be a doubt of his honesty. Most criminal defense lawyers therefore subscribe to the philosophy that their prime duty is to keenly assert a course of action that's in the client's best interests. This includes, and may not be limited to, litigating a suppression motion irrespective of its merits. Thus the ethical rules that are applicable to the legal system may be subordinated under such circumstances.

A person convicted or facing a criminal charge is therefore best advised to seek immediate legal representation. Hiring a professional Idaho criminal lawyer well-versed in state-specific criminal laws will ensure legal assistance that is client-centered. While the system will expect a criminal attorney to keep within set guidelines, it still acknowledges that the client's best interest is paramount, as long as this does not constitute the commission of a fraud on the court. In the United States, all those arrested are innocent until proven guilty. Get the aid you need in order to prove your innocence. Your future depends on it.

If you are ready to contact an Idaho criminal lawyer or attorney, visit the American Bar Association. Few people qualify for a court appointed lawyer at the publics expense, and you do not want to go at it alone. The ABA website features a lawyer locator, which can help you search for a criminal lawyer or attorney in Idaho. Access is free.