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The crime rate for the state of Rhode Island in 2007 was approximately 24% lower than the national average rate. Property crimes account for around 92% of the crime rate in Rhode Island, which is 20% lower than the national rate. The remaining 6.1% are violent crimes, a rate which is approximately 51% lower than in other states. Despite the relatively low rate of crime in this state, it nevertheless does still occur. And if you have been accused of a crime in the state of Rhode Island, you will require the services of a qualified Rhode Island criminal lawyer attorney.

Criminal law, also known as penal law, involves prosecution by the government of a person for an act that has been classified as a crime. There are also civil cases, which involve individuals and organizations seeking to resolve legal disputes. In a criminal case, a state prosecutor initiates the suit, while the victim brings the suit in a civil case.

Criminal laws can be established on the local, state and federal levels, and can vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The definition of a crime is any act or omission of an act in violation of a public law forbidding or commanding it.

Crimes include both felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies are the more serious crimes of the two. Some common felonies include rape, arson, aggravated assault and murder. Misdemeanors can include prostitution, tax evasion, drug charges, petty theft or jaywalking.

Persons convicted of a crime are most commonly incarcerated, fined, sentenced to community service or rehabilitation programs, or given probation. The severity of the crime will, naturally, dictate the severity of the punishment. Those who are convicted of a misdemeanor and sentenced to incarceration will usually serve out that sentence in a local jail, for a period of less than one year, whereas convicted felons more typically go to a state or federal prison, and the sentence is for more than one year. Some felonies carry a sentence of life in prison, either with or without the possibility of parole, and some are punishable by the death penalty.

If you have been accused of a crime in Rhode Island, whether or not you are guilty, you will need to hire a Rhode Island criminal lawyer or attorney to help you with your case. Rhode Island criminal attorneys represent those who have been charged with a crime, by arguing their case in a courts of law. A Rhode Island criminal lawyer will typically have a private practice concentrating on criminal law. T here are many things to look for when hiring a criminal attorney. A good criminal lawyer or attorney will be familiar with important laws of the state of Rhode Island, as well as with federal laws.

Moreover, your attorney will also be familiar with Rhode Island court customs and procedures. They will also have an understanding of any precedents or other relevant court cases which might have a bearing on your case. They'll spend significant amounts of time reviewing the details of your alleged crime and arrest, and they will research and gather vital information from witnesses as well as other evidence. When it comes time to go to court, they will use all their skills and expertise to argue your case in front of the judge or jury.

If you are suing a convicted criminal for damages resulting from a crime, you will need to hire a civil lawyer or attorney. Even if the person was not convicted, you can still sue them for damages by hiring a Rhode Island civil lawyer or attorney.

If you are ready to contact a Rhode Island criminal lawyer or attorney, visit the American Bar Association's website. The ABA website features a lawyer locator, which can help you search for a criminal lawyer or attorney in Rhode Island. Access to this service is free.