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Vermont criminal lawyer attorneys are experts in the legal field of criminal defense. They represent Vermonters who have been accused of a crime, whether that crime is a felony, such as murder or sexual assault, or a misdemeanor like jaywalking or petty theft. Whether or not the accused individual is guilty of the crime with which he or she is charged, the criminal attorney will do his or her best to represent that individual in a court of law, from the arraignment through the trial to the sentencing if the accused is found guilty.

Criminal law is also sometimes called penal law, and it sets out the various bodies of rules governing people's behavior and punishment. Criminal law involves prosecution by the government of a person for an act that has been classified as a crime. Criminal cases are distinguished from civil cases, in which individuals and organizations seek to resolve legal disputes, by a number of factors. In a criminal case, a state prosecutor initiates the suit, while the victim brings the suit in a civil case. Criminal and civil cases has different standards of proof; criminal prosecutors must prove their cases beyond a reasonable doubt, whereas in a civil case, the plaintiff's version of the case must meet a preponderance of evidence -- in other words, the jury or judge must find that 50% or more of the believable evidence speaks to the plaintiff's favor. Furthermore, the punishment in civil cases is usually the relinquishing of some property or payment of restitution, but does not include incarceration. Criminal convictions carry with them a number of possible punishments, including incarceration, probation or parole, the payment of fines, and even the mandatory completion of a treatment program or counseling, such as for drug or alcohol abuse or anger management.

A crime is defined as any type of behavior that is explicitly prohibited by local, state or federal law, and which is deserving of punishment. Congress and state legislatures are the governing bodies that determine laws surrounding crimes and punishments.

Crimes include both felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies are more serious and include rape and murders, while misdemeanors are less serious offenses like petty theft or jaywalking. Persons convicted of a crime may be incarcerated, fined, or maybe both. However, persons found liable in a civil case may only have to give up property or pay money, but are not incarcerated.

If you have been accused of a crime in the state of Vermont, you need to hire a Vermont criminal lawyer or attorney to help you with your case. A Vermont criminal lawyer or attorney will typically have a private practice, and specialize in representing people accused of crimes in court.

If you are suing a convicted criminal for damages resulting from a crime, you will need to hire a civil lawyer or attorney. Even if the person was not convicted, you can still sue them for damages in a civil case.

A good criminal attorney will not only be familiar with the laws of the state of Vermont, but will also be well-versed in federal laws. Your criminal attorney will also have a good understanding of court customs and procedures, as well as of any important precedents or constitutional challenges that may affect your case.

Moreover, a Vermont criminal attorney will spend significant amounts of time on your case, will hire and manage investigators, and will research and gather vital information from prosecution witnesses.

If you are ready to contact a Vermont criminal lawyer or attorney, visit the American Bar Association. The ABA features a lawyer locator, which can help you search for a criminal lawyer or attorney in Vermont. Access is free. The United States guarantees that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Get the defense you need and hire a Vermont criminal lawyer attorney. Your future may be at stake.