American Idol Sues over ‘Stripper Idol’

The producers of the hit American talent contest, American Idol, have sued a bar in Texas over a competition that the bar has been running called ‘stripper idol’. As the name suggest the competition centres around contestants dancing topless with a prize of five hundred dollars up for grabs.
However, the producers of American Idol want the competition stopped, stating that it does not want to be perceived as being involved in the competition or having sponsored it. Furthermore, Fremantle Media claims that the show is a trademark violation.

The contest at the bar in Austin, Texas is run every week according to reports. The lawsuit claims that the logo used in adverts promoting the contest are similar to those used for American Idol, further risking a misleading link between the show and the competition.

According to reports the manager of the club said that he was shocked by the action being taken, as it was just a harmless competition and posed no threat to the show or its producers.

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