Another Lawsuit Filed Against IBM


Corporate giant IBM has been hit with another lawsuit filed by disgruntled employees that claim they were treated unfairly in terms of payment and breaks while working. The lawsuit has been filed by three IBM sales staff who claim that they worked more than eight hours per day and ended up doing in excess of forty hours per week but were not paid any overtime and did not receive mandatory breaks.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month in U.S. District Court for Eastern California by IBM sales reps John Bennet, Bill Graham, and Peter Stanger, the company did not pay legally required overtime or provide breaks to the employees.

The lawsuit alleges: “Sales representatives were paid principally on a salary basis, receiving commissions on their sales, irrespective of the hours actually worked, and were unlawfully classified as exempt from overtime compensation.”

Another lawsuit was filed against IBM by another employee in May, where the former worker claimed that he was also not paid legally required overtime or provided with breaks. IBM plans to defend itself against this first lawsuit stating that the case lacks merit.


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