Lawsuit Filed By Corrections Officers Is Settled

A lawsuit that was filed by over three hundred current and former Fayette County Detention Center corrections officers against the city has been settled, according to a recent report. The lawsuit was filed in relation to pay and overtime, with officers accusing city officials of violations of the Fair Labor Standards act and the Kentucky Wage and Hours Act.

Whilst the lawsuit has been settled details are not set to be released until next week, as the agreement has to be approved by U.S. District Judge Jennifer Coffman.

Over three hundred officers joined the suit in the end, claiming that they were asked to perform duties in their twenty minute breaks but were not paid for them. They also claim that they were not paid if they had to come in earlier or had to stay later than their regular hours.

One of the attorneys that took on the case said: “These are people that are educated, dedicated, hard-working, loyal, underpaid and very smart. They do a job that I could never do myself. That’s the reason that my law firm accepted this job. It’s because we believed in the people, and we believed in their cause.”

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