Attorney Asks For Lawsuit to be Dismissed


The attorney of a police officer from Sioux City has called for a lawsuit against his client to be dismissed. The attorney claims that his client did nothing wrong after being accused of using excessive force against a local bar owner in the city.

The attorney was speaking on behalf of Sioux City police Officer Mike Koehler, the city of Sioux City and Sioux City Police Chief Joe Frisbie. The lawsuit was filed at the beginning of August by local bar owner Timothy Shannon, owner of Tom Foolery’s Pub & Grill. The lawsuit was filed against Koehler, Frisbie, the city and the Sioux City Police Department.

The lawsuit related to an incident that occurred in September of 2006 involving two women. It accuses the officer of assault and battery, stating that he used excessive force. However, in response the lawyer accuses Shannon of pushing the officer twice, threatening him, and using vulgar words.

However, according to the lawsuit there is CCTV footage that shows the officer kicking the bar owner’s feet from under him, and bounding him up and down on the ground.


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