Can Employers See My Auto Accident History? Is It On My Public Record?


Can Employers See My Auto Accident History? Is It On My Public Record?

The question as to whether or not an employer can see your auto accident history depends a lot on the circumstances surrounding your employment and your history. In other words, both the type of job you’re applying for and the types of violations that are on your record determine whether or not your employer has any reason to see it. Every single case is different so you should certainly consult with a qualified and experienced employment attorney in your state to make sure you’re not being discriminated against. However, here are some of the reasons that an employer might have access to your auto accident history.

Type of Job

The type of job you’re applying for is important. If you’re applying for a job that never requires you to drive, it’s probably unlikely that your DMV record will have anything to do with your employment status. If you only have a couple of minor accidents in the last several years or if you have speeding tickets, it’s probably not going to make that big of a difference for most jobs. It will make a difference is if you’re trying to drive a truck, drive a delivery car, or apply for work that requires you to transport yourself and others on a regular basis. This is particularly true if you’ll be driving a company car.

Your Record

Your driving record itself also has a lot to do with whether or not an employer would care about it. Again, if you only have a few minor infractions and your job is not driving related, you probably won’t have to worry too much about your employer taking your DMV record into consideration. However, if you have felonies on your driving record or instances where recklessness, excessive speed, and alcohol, or generally irresponsible behavior is present, you might have a bit more to worry about. Those kinds of infractions and violations tend to speak to a pattern of behavior rather than a couple of minor accidents or tickets that anybody could acquire.

Reason to Search

Just because an employer or a potential employer has access to your auto history doesn’t necessarily mean they need access to it. Ask yourself whether or not they have a reason to search. If a reasonable person in their situation who is looking to hire you or keep you hired in their company wouldn’t think your driving record was important, then maybe they shouldn’t, either. You might be able to defend yourself against that search. It’s unlawful for employers to discriminate against you based on things that don’t have anything to do with the job at hand. Make sure your employer has a reason to search your DMV history or driving history before you just accept that they’ll be doing that.

Always remember that you have protection against discrimination under the law. It’s certainly appropriate and understandable for an employer to look at your DMV history if it has to do with establishing your character or if the job at hand requires you to drive. However, you should not be the subject of discrimination. If you feel like your employer or a potential employer is unfairly considering your auto accident history, you can hire an employment attorney in your state to help defend you against that discrimination. Get started with a consultation today and take the first step to defend yourself against unfair treatment. Doing so could protect your future and your freedom.


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