Couple Sues After Baby Born Dead


A San Diego couple has sued two doctors and the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital after their baby was born dead in 2004. The couple was due to have their first son, Tyler Steven, and the mother was ordered to the hospital because her amniotic fluid was very low.

The couple states that despite these dangers they were left waiting around for about seventeen hours before they were seen by a doctor. In the lawsuit the couple claims that their treatment in the hospital and lack of medical response caused the death of their son.

The mother, Teresa Bailey, said: “The nurse kept leaving us alone with an intern.” She added that when the baby was finally delivered he was gray and not moving. She said: “He wasn’t moving, he wasn’t crying, he was gray.”

An attorney for the couple said: “The night doctor didn’t do his job. He never stepped into the room. He didn’t notice when the strips were showing the baby’s heart rate was dropping over and over again.” She added: “The nurse didn’t tell the doctor the baby was coming down vaginal canal like it should be doing. In fact, the baby was wedged in the same place for hours and hours.”


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