Woman Charged With Attempted Abortion of Rival’s Baby

New York—Brooklyn prosecutors have filed a complaint against a suspect who is charged with tricking a pregnant woman into taking an abortion-inducing drug.

Kisha Jones, 38, who suspected that her husband had fathered a child with 25-year-old Monique Hunter, allegedly concocted an elaborate ruse to end the pregnancy of her rival. She used a stolen doctor’s prescription pad to forge a prescription for a drug that would induce labor, and may have sent an accomplice to the hospital with a toxic substance to try to kill the baby after it was born despite the attempted abortion. It is unclear how she obtained the prescription pad, or how she was able to convince a pharmacist that the drug was necessary for a “procedure” as she claimed. The doctor whose pad was used has denied treating Hunter, and said that the prescription was not written by him or by anyone in his office.

According to authorities, Jones went on to trick Hunter by impersonating staff at the obstetrician’s office, and calling her numerous times to inform her that the doctor had ordered a prescription for her to pick up and take immediately. Believing that the medication was a legitimate one authorized by her provider, Hunter picked up and took the drug. She then experienced severe abdominal pain and rushed to the hospital, where she gave birth to a premature baby boy.

Following the baby’s birth, an unidentified man took a liquid to the hospital and tried to get nurses to administer it to the baby, claiming that it was breast milk, but the liquid was determined to be toxic. Staffers at the hospital contacted the police, who say they are still investigating the matter and are not sure whether or not the two incidents are connected.

Jones has been charged on several counts, including attempted abortion and assault, reckless endangerment, forgery of a medical prescription, possession of a forged instrument and criminal impersonation. The complaint against her was filed by the Brooklyn district attorney’s office after a month-long investigation into the alleged crimes.

Jones is currently being held in a local jail, after being arraigned on Saturday. She has been denied bail, but will appear again on Wednesday at a court hearing.

No information was given in the criminal complaint about Hunter’s physical condition, but it did state that she was providing information to investigators. The baby is being held in an intensive care unit.

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