Drowned Boy’s Parents File Suit

The parents of a boy who drowned in their swimming pool have filed a lawsuit. The parents, who come from Greenwich, claim that their six year old son died after his arm got trapped in a suction drain in their pool. The lawsuit was filed earlier in the week, and claims that the pool design breaches safety structures.

Brian and Karen Cohn filed the lawsuit in Stamford Superior Court against a number of defendants, including the town of Greenwich and Shoreline Pools. The boy, six year old Zachary, was trapped when his arm got stuck in the suction, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit goes on to state that the boy’s parents both jumped in to try and save their son when they realised that he was trapped but the suction was so powerful that they were unable to save him. They could not find the mechanism to turn the pump off.

The lawsuit claims that the swimming pool fell short of safety regulations, and that the shut off switch for use in such an emergency was not only placed in a remote place but was also not labelled so could not be easily identified.

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