Parents File Lawsuit Against School Board


According to a recent report the parents of a boy who was punched and left with brain injury that required surgery have filed a lawsuit against the London District Catholic school board in Canada. The lawsuit has been filed by the parents of Raymond Trudell, aged eleven.

The lawsuit seeks over three and a half million dollars in damages. It claims that all school officials from the most senior officials downwards were negligent. The lawsuit further claims Raymond had been the subject of bullying before being dealt the punch that left him with brain injuries in September.

The boy who is said to have thrown the punch and his parents have also been named as defendants in the lawsuit. After the incident Raymond was taken in hospital and it was found that his skull was fractured and three metal plates had to be inserted into his head.

According to the lawsuit Raymond has been left with “lasting permanent and personal injuries including but not limited to headaches, short-term memory loss, fatigue, nausea and dizziness.” Raymond’s father said: “We want our child, and all children at that school, at the Catholic school board and all over to be safe.”


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