Endangered Species Lawsuit Filed Against Bush Administration


According to recent reports a number of endangered species related lawsuits have been filed against the Bush Administration by the Center for Biological Diversity. The lawsuits have been filed over the administration’s political interference in relation to the designation of habitat for six endangered or threatened species.

Five separate lawsuits have been filed against the administration by the center, and the lawsuits relate to a range of endangered or threatened species including the Buena Vista Lake shrew, the California tiger salamander, two birds, which are the western snowy plover and the southwestern willow flycatcher, and even two plants, which are the Munz’s onion and the San Jacinto Valley crownscale.

Noah Greenwald, science director for the Center for Biological Diversity, said: “The Bush administration has the worst record protecting endangered species of any administration since passage of the landmark law.”

She added: “In the case of these six species, the administration’s malfeasance resulted in the removal of protection for over 300,000 acres of habitat in seven western states.”


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