First Lawsuit Filed over Buffalo Air Crash


Just two weeks after the tragic plane crash involving a Continental Connection flight in Buffalo, New York, the first lawsuit has been filed. Continental Connection Flight 3407 ran into problems in its approach to Buffalo Niagara International Airport on 12th February. It then crashed into a house just northeast of Buffalo.

The crash involving the commuter plane, which is manufactured by Bombardier, resulted in the death of everyone on board. It also resulted in the death of one person that was in the house that the aircraft crashed into. It was relatives of one of the passengers that have filed the first lawsuit in relation to the incident.

The family of Susan Wehle are seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit, and have claimed negligence. The defendants named in the lawsuit include Continental Airlines, Pinnacle Airlines, Colgan Air, and Bombardier Aerospace. It is claimed that some of the equipment on board the aircraft was inadequate.

The lawsuit also claims that the crew on board the aircraft, all of whom were killed in the tragedy, were not properly trained. The incident is still under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board and it is thought that it could be a matter of months before the cause of the crash is actually determined.


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