Widow Sues over Helicopter Death


The widow of a man who died recently following a helicopter air crash has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the helicopter operator, PHI. The PHI Sikorsky S-76 helicopter crfash occurred last week, and the plaintiff in the lawsuit has accused the operating company of negligence.
The lawsuit has been filed by the widow of the late Allen Boudreaux, Britain Boudreaux, who claims that the company was negligent and that the death of her husband could have been avoided.

An attorney working on behalf of the widow stated: “All reports and information I have, the weather was not a factor. It’s got to be something mechanical or it’s got to be pilot error.” The aircraft crashed in to swampland on 4th January.

According to reports the helicopter took off just seven minutes before it crashed from Louisiana. Eight of the nine people on board died, and this is the first lawsuit to have been filed although the cause of the crash is still being officially investigated.


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