Former Corrections Officer Files Harassment Lawsuit

A former corrections officer that worked at Hernando County Jail has filed a lawsuit claiming that she was harassed whilst working, and that her complaints regarding the harassment were not acknowledged or responded to. The former officer claims that she was subjected to constant harassment and lewd comments from superiors.
The lawsuit was filed earlier this week, and it claims that Corrections Corporation of America, which runs the jail, is partly responsible for the harassment that occurred because it failed to respond to the complaints of the former officer. The lawsuit said that this led to a “discriminatorily abusive working environment.”

A claim is also being made by the woman, Stephanie Maggard, against CCA under the Florida Civil Rights Act. She states in her complaint that CCA knew of the problems that she was experiencing and although she made complaints about specific officers nothing was done to protect her.

The lawsuit claims that the harassment started early on after Maggard started working at the jail, and that one officer told colleagues that he was going to pursue Maggard in a romantic way. This officer is said to have initiated the harassment and has now left his post.

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