Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Wizards


A lawsuit has been filed by a former female employee of the Kansas City Wizards, who claims that she and various other female workers were subjected to sexual harassment. The lawsuit was filed in Jackson County Circuit Court earlier in the week by Kathryn Carver.

The defendants named in the lawsuit are the Major League Soccer team’s ownership group OnGoal LLC; the executive vice president and general counsel for OnGoal Greg Cotton; and the company’s vice president for marketing and communications Robert Thomson Jr.

A number of allegations have been made in the sexual harassment lawsuit. The suit claims that the two individuals named in the lawsuit would scour social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace to see whether females were ‘hot enough’ to be employed.

The lawsuit further claims that male workers made drafts of females with whom they wanted to have sex, and that Cotton spoke about one female employee stating that she was “the dumbest person I have ever met, but she is worth keeping around for the scenery.”


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