Indy Winner Files Lawsuit


A former Indiana 500 winner has filed a lawsuit stating that he was physically harmed and his civil rights were violated when he was arrested in 2006 during an incident at a roadblock. The lawsuit was filed earlier this week against Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White and Deputies Jason Katz, Shureke Covington and Anthony Medrano.

Al Unser Sr. filed the lawsuit after a number of attempts to reach a settlement according to a recent report. In December 2006 the former Indy 500 winner was acquitted of resisting and disobeying police orders. His brother was also arrested after turning up but charges against him were dropped last year.

Police have said that they had blocked off the road in order to corner a car jacking suspect, and that the two brothers ignored orders to leave the area. However, the brothers have said that they were actually on their own property and were roughly handled by officers.

However, a department spokesperson said that there were false allegations in the lawsuit. She said: “It is our understanding that there are numerous false claims contained within the lawsuit. It is one thing to level allegations in a civil complaint. It’s another to substantiate them. The county is prepared to aggressively defend this suit.”


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