Lawsuit Against Writer Dismissed


A lawsuit that was filed against the author John Grisham has been dismissed by a federal district judge in Oklahoma. Grisham was accused of libel in the lawsuit, which was filed against the author and two others in relation to books that they had written.

The books were connected to the wrongful conviction if two men in 1982 over the murder of a cocktail waitress. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit were Bill Peterson, the former district attorney of Pontotoc County; Melvin Hett, a state criminalist; and Gary Rogers, a former investigator.

The plaintiffs had claimed that Grisham and the other defendants conspired to commit libel, and intended to intentionally inflict emotional distress. The book in question by author Grisham was called ‘The Innocent Men’ and in it the author allegedly that Peterson and others tried to suppress evidence and stop appeals from going through.

The two men that were convicted were exonerated by DNA evidence and were freed after twelve years behind bars. The murder was that of waitress Debbie Sue Carter.


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