Puzo’s Estate Sues Paramount Over Games


The estate of world famous Godfather author Mario Puzo, which is represented by his son, Anthony Puzo, is suing Paramount Pictures over royalties for the series of video games that was based on the smash hit book and movie, The Godfather. The lawsuit claims that Paramount Pictures owes the estate of Puzo at least one million dollars in royalties from the sale of the games.

The author’s son, Anthony, claims that Paramount Pictures is breaching a contract that was agreed between Mario and the studios in 1992, when Paramount was given licensing rights for all audio visual products relating to the Godfather and related works.

Puzo claims that Paramount has failed or refused to pay the money owed to the writer’s estate. The lawsuit states: “Despite the vast wealth Puzo created for Paramount, it has refused to pay his children their agreed share of the revenue from that audio-visual product.”

The lawsuit further claims that when the agreement was made with Paramount Mario Puzo was a relatively unknown, struggling author, and Paramount approached him about licensing his Godfather book for a very low sum of money.


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