Lawsuit Filed Over Accident Involving Motorcycle

The fiancé of a motorcyclist who was killed in an accident has filed a lawsuit on behalf of their infant daughter. Jay Kauffman was killed on September 11th 2006 after a collision with a vehicle that was being driven the wrong way by a woman.

The fiancé of the deceased is now suing for the future probable income that Kauffman would have earned so that their infant daughter does not miss out on financial security. He was a project designer. The defendant, Lillian May Miller, was driving the wrong way on State Road 50 when the collision occurred.

Fifty six year old Miller has admitted fault, and states that she was tired after babysitting her grandson for a weekend. However, she has denied negligence even though she pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide. A lawyer for the plaintiff stated that the response “adds insult to injury.”

Miller admitted that she drove to get cigarettes and coffee at 5.30am on the morning of the accident, but did not take her glasses even though she is required to wear corrective lenses.

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