Man with 41 License Suspensions Involved In DUI Collision


Steven Baker, a Newark man, was found guilty of a DUI after injuring a 25-year old woman on Route 46 Elmwood Park road while driving on the wrong side of the road. The woman was instantly admitted to Hackensack University Medical Center where she is reported to be in critical condition. This case is a unique one because  Mr. Baker was driving with a license that had been suspended 41 times.

The woman injured was a passenger in the car which was driven by a 25-year old male driver, who was also severely injured in the collision. According to the prosecuting lawyer, two drivers who were passing by at the time the accident managed to pull out the injured people before the car burst into flames.

Steven Baker has been suspended 41 times since 2006. He has been charged with a third-degree auto assault, fourth-degree for driving under influence and with a suspended license, and being involved in a serious bodily injury motor vehicle collision. Baker was held at the Bergen County Jail and bail was set at $10,000 with no 10 percent option.


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