Lawsuit Filed Over Bridge Tragedy


A lawsuit has been filed over a tragedy where a bridge collapsed and two people died, with more getting injured. Part of the framework of the Bay St Louis Bridge collapsed in the construction accident just after the bridge had opened two lanes. A lawsuit has been filed for seven of the survivors of the tragedy.

According to the lawsuit a tug boat struck one of the bridge support columns, which contributed to the tragedy. The lawsuit claims that the owner of the tug boat plus a number of contractors were negligent. The accident occurred in mid-June.

There were also concerns raised over whether some of the workers might be working in the country illegally but their legal representative said this was not true. He said: “Although several of our clients are not proficient in the English language, all of our clients working on the bridge that day are either longtime legal permanent residents of the United State or are U.S. citizens.”

He added: “Our clients were just doing their job, albeit a tedious and dangerous one, and through no fault of their own, an accident occurred that has severely damaged and will forever affect their lives and the lives of their families.”


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