Lawsuit Over Taser Death Settled


A lawsuit that was filed against a township following the death of a man on whom a Taser was used has been settled according to a recent report. The lawsuit was filed against Shelby Township after a man died following an incident where he was pursued by police and a Taser was used on him to subdue him.
Steven Spears died in August 2007 after the incident, where police officers stunned him with the Taser gun. The family of the forty nine year old then filed a lawsuit claiming that police officers used excessive force with Spears, who worked as a hairdresser.

The police were called when there were reports of a man running around the streets with just his socks and underwear on. He was described by officers as being agitated, and according to reports he ran into the traffic and refused to co-operate with emergency staff.

The report claims that the lawsuit against the township has now been settled for nearly two million dollars. Spears died after being stunned several times by the stun gun, although the primary cause of death was said to be a cocaine overdose.


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