Man Files Lawsuit over Stripper Shoe Injury

A man from northeast Ohio has filed a lawsuit against a club after he was allegedly hit on the nose by the shoe of a stripped, which he claims caused injuries that will require surgery. The man has filed a lawsuit asking for twenty five thousand dollars against the XTC nightclub, which is located in Akron.
His lawsuit claims that when he was in the club a stripped known as Tiara began to do her routine, but as she performed a high kick her shoe flew off and hit him in the nose, causing the injuries that he claims will require surgery. He said that he was sat near the stage, and that the stripper was wearing thick, platform style shoes with big heels.

He claims in his lawsuit that the club allowed its dancers to wear unsafe and improper attire, which resulted in his getting injured, and that the club made dancers perform routines and kicks that made it dangerous to sit around the stage area.

His lawsuit has been filed in Summit County Common Pleas Court, and the plaintiff has stated that whilst he does not normally go to strip bars he made an exception on this occasion because one of his cousins was going to the bar.

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