Medical Device Maker Says it Was Not Responsible for Woman’s Death


The medical device maker, Medtronic, has stated that it was not responsible for the death of a woman from California after a lawsuit was filed against the company. The case related to the use of its product, the Infuse Bone Graft product, which a doctor used on the woman that died.
According to reports the bone growth protein was inserted into the neck of the woman, and she later died. However, officials from Medtronic have said that they never recommend off-label use of their products, and that it is ultimately the doctor’s decision with regards to how the products are used to benefit patients.

One official from the firm stated: “Medtronic does not promote off-label use of products, and physicians decide how medical products are ultimately used to the benefit of patients.”

The family of the woman, Shirley Nisbet, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Federal Court earlier this week. The Infuse Bone Graft was inserted into the woman’s neck just weeks after the FDA warned that this process could prove dangerous for patients.


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