Mother of Charged Teen Sues School


The mother of a teenage boy that was charged in the fatal beating of an illegal immigrant has sued her son’s school for barring him from school in his senior year. She claims that the school violated her son’s legal rights by barring him from school during his senior year, and is suing the Shenandoah Valley School District.

She claims that her son, sixteen year old Brandon J. Piekarsky, is a straight A National Honor Society Student, and that he was barred from school premises for charges that had nothing to do with the school or school related activities.

The lawsuit claims that the school district “fails to recognize that Mr. Piekarsky is innocent until proven guilty.” The lawsuit asks for an injunction forcing the school district to provide an adequate education for her son.

The lawsuit goes on to state: “The school district has sought to unilaterally impose a home-bound education program on the student.” It adds that a student cannot “be denied access to the school unless he has been disciplined and expelled or he has been excused per agreement between the school district and parent.”


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