Trial Set For Lawsuit Against School District

A trial has been set in the case of a lawsuit that was filed against a school district by the mothers of two girls who claimed to have been harassed by boys at the school last year. The lawsuit has been filed against the McMinnville School District , and was filed in April in the US District Court in Portland, Oregon.

The lawsuit was filed by Vicki Jensen and Cindy de las Heras, the mothers of the two girls. They are claiming that the school district did not protect the two girls and identified them publicly. The lawsuit seeks one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars for each girl.

Three unidentified boys have been named in the lawsuit having being accused of harassing the girls. Two boys, Ryan Cornelison and Cory Mashburn, had charges against them dismissed last year after the alleged victims and the boys’ attorneys reached an agreement.

The trail for this case has now been set for next year, and is set to commence on June 22nd of next year according to recently released reports.

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