Music Producer Sues Former Attorney

Well known music producer, Phil Spector, is suing his former attorney for the return of one million dollars that he paid when he was accused of the murder of actress Lana Clarkson in 2003. The lawsuit was filed earlier this week at Los Angeles Superior Court.

Spector has stated that his first attorney Robert L Shapiro “took unfair and unscrupulous advantage of his friendship and position of trust with Mr. Spector, and decided to use Mr. Spector’s arrest as an opportunity to make a financial windfall and garner publicity for himself.”

The lawsuit alleges that Shapiro and his law firms tricked Spector into paying the one million dollars when he was at his most vulnerable. The lawsuit claims that the money was taken just after Spector was released from jail, and that at the time he had been unable to take medication that had been prescribed for a ‘mental condition’.

Spector has recently hired a new legal team to deal with the murder retrail, which has been delayed for five months. He was accused of shooting the actress when she tried to leave, but the jury deadlocked at the original trial.

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