Judge Rules In Hatcher’s Favor

A judge has ruled in actress Teri Hatcher’s favor after a cosmetics company launched a two million dollar lawsuit against the star. Hatcher, known for her role as Lois Lane in the Superman series and more recently the star of Desperate Housewives, was accused by the cosmetics firm of promoting other beauty products while still signed with them.

The two million dollar lawsuit, filed by Hydroderm, will now be sent to arbitration after the judge ruled that Hatcher was not guilty of breach of contract as accused in the lawsuit. Her lawyers have convinced an LA judge to send the case to arbitration.

Hatcher was reportedly paid nearly two and a half million dollars to promote the products of Hydroderm, but she claims that managerial changes in the company left her continually unsure of the terms of her contract. She was accused of breach of contract after advertising CityLips’ lip plumper.

Hatcher claims that this additional advertising did not affect the deal, and according to report the matter is now going to be resolved out of court.

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