Muslim Women File Lawsuit Against Mcdonalds


According to a recent report two Muslim women have filed a lawsuit against the fast food chain McDonald, claiming that one branch of the eatery refused to employ them because of the headscarves that they wore as part of Muslim tradition.

The two women, Toi Whitfield of Detroit and Quiana Pugh of Dearborn, filed the lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court. The lawsuit claims that the women were refused employment by a Detroit area McDonalds because of the traditional headgear that they wore. They claim that the manager told them that they would have to remove the scarves to work there, and due to this he could not hire them.

The McDonalds is located in Dearborn, and the lawsuit is seeking ten million dollars. The women claim that this discrimination has been going on for years, and that they were both refused employment by the same manager.

According to one report one of the women said: “I applied for the McDonald’s position maybe two weeks ago and he simply (told me) I had to make a choice and remove my hijab, or I would not be able to establish employment there. When I walked away, I was definitely hurt by it and disturbed. I was confused that it could happen here in Dearborn, with so many Muslims.”


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