Bikini Model Files Lawsuit over Groping


A lawsuit has recently been filed by a bikini model, who claims in her lawsuit that she was groped by her bosses at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone. She also claims that she was indecently propositioned by her bosses at the company. However, this is just one of a number of women suing the company relating to similar claims, according to reports.

The model, twenty six year old Sarah Jo Lammers, said that she repeatedly refused to give in to demands for sex, and she also claims that two of her bosses were competing against one another to see who could get her into bed first.

Lammers has said that she ended up getting fired because of her resistance against the bosses’ demands. Another young woman said that she was turned down for a job at the venue because she was ‘too ghetto’. However, the lawsuit has been described as baseless by the restaurant, which is currently closed for renovations.

Lammers claims in her lawsuit that she was treated unfairly by the company after she refused to give in to demands. She also adds that one co-worker came home disoriented and half undressed after going out with the fired general manager, Anthony Rakis.


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