New Execution Drugs Challenged by Prison Inmates


Three inmates who are currently on death row in Texas have decided to challenge the constitutionality of execution drugs that would likely be administered for their cases. The argument raised by the inmates is interesting in that it asserts that the Texas prison system was only able to obtain these new drugs through lies. The complaint of the inmates alleges that the Texas prison system disguised itself as a hospital so that it would be able to get its hands on new execution drugs like propofol, hydromorphone and midzolam. The plaintiffs have argued that had Texas not posed as a hospital, it would have never been able to receive these new execution drugs.

The plaintiffs further argue that these drugs will cause unnecessary pain within them prior to the execution. The plaintiffs believe that they are being used as an experiment to see whether these drugs will be utilized on further individuals who are on death row. The plaintiffs seek to have their executions prolonged so that the drugs can be carefully analyzed. Texas has has a problem in its past in experiencing shortages of drugs that are used in executions. This is due to the fact that many drug manufacturers are opposed to the use of their drugs in performing executions of inmates.

The death penalty continues to be a form of punishment that is in great dispute in society. The United Nations has been vocal in opposing the death penalty as a form of punishment in countries like Vietnam. Vietnam continues to use the death penalty and has resorted to producing execution drugs on a local basis rather than shipping them in from other countries. Pakistan has also continued to use the death penalty as a form of execution, despite the fact that Amnesty International has also been vocal in opposing this type of punishment. In other countries like Saudi Arabia, the death penalty continues to be used as a form of punishment for crimes like larceny, theft and armed robbery.

It is unclear what the outcome of the current case involving these Texas prisoners will be. It remains to be seen how judges will choose to rule upon their case.


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