Man Who Lost Prison Lawsuit Back In Prison


A man who previously lost a lawsuit claiming that he was raped by other inmates while in prison is now back behind bars after being found guilty of robbery. Thirty nine year old Roderick Johnson lost a federal civil rights lawsuit which he filed against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 2002.

In that lawsuit Mr. Johnson was seeking unspecified damages after claiming that he was gang raped by inmates at the Allred Unit near Wichita Falls.

He was there for eighteen months, and claims that he was raped almost on a daily basis according to his lawsuit. However, the jury found prison employees not guilty of violation of Johnson’s civil rights through ignoring his pleas.

Mr Johnson is now back behind bars after admitting to robbery, a crime for which he has now received a 19 year sentence. He went to a service station where he committed the robbery, handing over a note that claimed he had a gun and instructing the clerk to put money into a bag.


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