Off-Duty Deputy Constable Hit Son with Baton, Says Mom’s Lawsuit

An off-duty deputy constable who was working security at a Dallas nightclub could face legal action, termination for having beaten a teenager in the face.

Inabinet Saddler, 17, was rapping at The Mansion, a club in the Old East Dallas neighborhood of the city. He became involved in an argument with another man over a girl, but says that the fight had not turned physical. Witnesses corroborate his story, saying that there was no violence had occurred between the two. Nevertheless, Guadalupe Frias, 32, approached the pair and struck Saddler with a baton, causing him to fall to the ground.

Witnesses also said that the second man ran away when he saw Frias coming, but that Saddler’s back was turned, so that the blow came as a shock to him.

“I didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t say anything to me,” Saddler said. “To this day I don’t know his face.”

An off-duty constable, Frias initially told police that “he observed two males fighting and when he attempted to break up the fight, one male fell and hit his head,” according to the police report. During second interview, however, Frias told a different version of events.

“He changed his story, saying that he did hit the complainant, but he struck the complainant in the arm and then he fell to the ground,” said Dallas police Senior Cpl. Janice M. Crowther.

Two other deputy constables were at the scene when the incident occurred. One said that he didn’t see what happened between Saddler and the other man, but that he attempted to protect Frias from an angry crowd that was forming. The other one left the scene before police had a chance to question him.

Saddler was examined at Baylor University Medical Center; doctors said that the injuries “above his right eye were consistent with being struck with an unknown object” while injuries to the left side of his face would indicate that he had fallen down. According to Saddler’s mother, Patricia McMaryion, the teenager’s face is fractured near his right eye and so bruised and swollen that doctors will be unable to determine the full extent and severity of the injuries for at least a week.

“We are definitely pressing charges,” said McMaryion. “This was uncalled for.”

No arrests were made at the time of the incident, but Frias may face charges of aggravated assault, and could also be fired. Dallas police will investigate the incident, and the constable’s office will also conduct a public integrity investigation.

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