Lawsuit Filed Against Ford Motor Company

A lawsuit has been filed against the Ford Motor Company in Pima County Superior Court, in Tuscan, Arizona. The lawsuit was filed by the family of a border patrol agent who was injured as a result of his Ford rolling over whilst he was on patrol, resulting in his paralysis last year.

According to reports United States Border Patrol Agent Luis Pena Jr. was on duty and responding to a narcotics call in October of last year. He was driving a 2003 Ford F-250 XL Super Duty Truck. The report claims that the truck started to drift to the right of the road, and the tyres left the road.

The agent then tried to correct the vehicle, but apparently it left the roadway and rolled over. At this point the driver’s side of the roof collapsed on to the agent, trapping his in the vehicle and resulting in his spine being broken.

The agent was just thirty years old at the time of his accident, and has a wife and two children. He and his family are now being represented by the Gomez law firm of San Diego.

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