Possible Lawsuit Over Comments On Radio


Comments that were recently made on radio by city counsellor Rob Ford could end up at the center of a lawsuit after the subject of the allegations, Councillor Adam Vaughan, said that he intends to take legal action to counter the comments, which is described as “libellous comments that have defamed my character.”

The comments were made on AM640 Radio, where Ford claimed that Vaughan had used his influence as a member of the civic appointments committee to get a person that had contributed money to his campaign appointed on the sinking fund committee.

One the radio Ford could be heard shouting: “It’s a clear conflict. It’s unethical, it’s completely unethical. He donated to your campaign.” He refused to apologise, adding: “It doesn’t smell right, it doesn’t look right. This is what gives politicians a bad name.”

Vaughan stated: “The allegation that I played a deliberate role in promoting a candidate in exchange for a political contribution is just not true. I don’t know this gentleman. I had nothing to do with the hiring process. I’ll be taking legal action outside this chamber that speaks to the irresponsible comments and, in fact, false comments that have been alleged about me.”


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