Model Sues Google Over Blogger Comments


A Canadian model is suing Google Inc over comments that were made on a Blogger site that is owners by the company. Thirty six year old fashion model, Liskula Cohen, has demanded to know who posted the comments on the blogger site, stating that they were offensive and defamatory.
The model, who has graced the pages of high profile magazines such as Vogue, wants Google to reveal the identity of the anonymous blogger, who is said to have posted unflattering pictures of the model and made offensive comments about her.

According to reports part of the statement made for court includes ‘the statements and suggestions made on the blog are malicious and untrue’. A lawyer for the model said: “Our laws protect speech and anonymous speech, however it doesn’t protect speech that defames people.”

Google responded by stating that it sympathised with anyone that found themselves in this position, adding: “We also take great care to respect privacy concerns and will only provide information about a user in response to a subpoena or other court order. If content is found by a court to be defamatory, we will of course remove it immediately.”


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