Slash Can Sue over House

Former Guns ‘n’ Roses star Slash, and his wife, Perla, have been told that they can continue with a lawsuit filed against a real estate broker over a house that they purchased in 2006. According to reports the couple bought the property because they were given the impression that it would be suitable for parties but have said that it was too small to serve its purpose.
The star accuses the real estate broker, Gregory Holcombe and Sotheby’s, of misrepresenting the property, which was located in Hollywood Hills. He claims that he was told that it was a good location for parties, and the Los Angeles judge has stated that the couple can continue with the lawsuit.

The couple have now sold the property, claiming that it was much smaller than advertised and that there were parking restrictions in place in the area, which made it even more difficult to use the property to host parties and entertain guests.

Whilst the couple’s lawsuit has not been dismissed by the judge, Sotheby’s will be allowed to dispute the punitive damages. Slash and his wife are suing for more than one million dollars, plus punitive damages according to papers.

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