Unexpected Side Effects from Adderal Alter Young Woman’s Life


Adderall is a prescription that is often prescribed for individuals suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but it is also regularly abused by college students. The drug has been proven effective at helping them attain stronger focus and attention to pull long all-nighters to study for exams. Although students take the drugs as an assistant to get through school, Adderall may lead to dangerous medical problems. Adderall has been associated with significant risks, including seizures, stroke, heart attacks, and even accidental deaths.

Over a decade ago, Cindy was diagnosed with ADHD and was subsequently prescribed Adderall to help improve her focus. While in college in her early 20s, the amphetamine drug did the trick and helped for a short while. However, Cindy then started to experience a few psychotic episodes and developed seizures. Cindy admits that she would simply walk into a room and stop in her tracks, stuck in place from the impact of the seizures. During her psychotic episodes, she reports experiencing hallucinations and extreme paranoia, where nonexistent people were watching or talking about her.

Puzzled by these symptoms, Cindy conducted some research on her own and discovered the psychological side effects of the drugs, including Adderall bipolar disorder. Immediately, she stopped taking the prescription and made an urgent visit to a neurologist. The specialist confirmed that the Adderall was the cause of the seizures. She also informed Cindy that if she had continued taking the drug for much longer, the seizures would have gotten significantly worse.

Although the seizures and episodes have faded away for more than two years, Cindy still has to take seizure medications for the remainder of her life. In addition, she had to make the difficult decision to leave college due to her ADHD. Luckily, Cindy has learned how to live with the disorder without the harmful usage of amphetamines and found employment that suits her individual needs, but the lasting effects of Adderall continue to haunt her everyday life.


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