Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed against NCH Healthcare System


A whistleblower lawsuit has been filed against the NCH Healthcare System by a woman who said that she was demoted and came close to being fired simply for doing what she thought was the right thing. She claims that the healthcare system has violated Florida whistleblower laws by penalising her for speaking to her supervisor about problem issues.

Laura Thomson was a clinical care coordinator at NCH North Naples Hospital. She said that after she highlighted problems to her superior she was demoted and made to carry out regular nursing duties, and that she almost ended up getting fired.

Thomson said that being demoted caused her humiliation, and also resulted in her income falling by almost fifty percent. She said that she had raised concerns over the safety of patients and had also reported a colleague for allegedly stealing drugs from patients and from the hospital, but that she ended up being punished for telling her superiors this.

Her lawyer stated: “Obviously, we feel no NCH employee should be punished for reporting illegal activity, especially when patient safety and patient care is concerned.” An NCH official said: “NCH is committed to operating its facilities in a legally compliant manner and has policies and procedures in place to address complaints as they are brought to our attention.”


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